April 2018


Radio Suomi, Entisten nuorten sävellahja 14.4.2018


SLADE - Don't blame me

"On taas se aika vuodesta kun mökin katolta on saatava lumet pois. Kemijärven korkeudella noin yksi metri lunta. Tuon biisin soidessa kun kääntää nupin kaakkoon..rupiaa tapahtumaan"


"It is again the time of the year, when you got to get snow away from the roof..."


CLIFF RICHARD - Devil woman: 4 points
BLACK SABBATH - Paranoid: 8
ALICE COOPER - School's out: 9
THE SHADOWS - Theme from 'The Deer Hunter': 5
MUD - Crazy: 5
HECTOR - Norsunluutorni: 6
RUSH - Tom Sawyer: 7
SLADE - Don't blame me: 11
MIKA SUNDQVIST - Testamantti sinulle: 5
THE BAND (feaat.DR. JOHN) - Such a night: 7
DEEP PURPLE - Wring that neck: 6
DONOVAN - Sunshine superman: 7

"Lost In Space" EP from Jim in June 2018


New six track EP 'Lost In Space' coming 22 June 2018


Full tracklisting of EP:
1. Lost In Space
2. What In The World
3. Megadrive
4. Pure Power
5. Going Back To Birmingham
6. Through The Fire

"The EP will be a 'physical' release on CD - which will be available to purchase online from Wienerworld and Amazon etc.

However, the title track of the EP 'Lost In Space' will also feature as a single. The single is a special 'Radio Edit' - that will be a different version to that on the EP - and will only be available on download."





"Brand new eagerly anticipated 6 track EP from ex-Slade co-writer and bassist Jim Lea.


The single (also called Lost In Space) is due to be released on 18 May and has already achieved considerable radio coverage and airplay.


Jim Lea commented on the single: “Lost in Space was written deliberately as a pop song. Of all the songs I have come up with, this is one of my favourites.  The ideas portrayed in the song are of someone spending their life living in an inner world, virtually oblivious to normal life. Some might say I have unwittingly written about myself!”


Jim Lea, most notable for his playing of bass guitar, keyboards, violin, guitar and singing vocals in Slade and for writing all of their hits, is no newcomer to the singer/songwriter scene and he continues to be one of the most played artists on radio across the world."


Drum Day & Groove Night; Aarhus 22.4.2018 – Danmarks Største Trommeevent


Drum Limousine præsenterer for 9. gang Drum Day & Groove Night.


Søndag d. 22. april 2018



Drum Day afholdes på spillestedet Atlas – Vester Allé 15, 8000 Aarhus C
Groove Night afholdes på spillestedet Voxhall – Vester Allé 15, 8000 Aarhus C


Billetter kan købes i Drum Limousine butikken og online på


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